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VetRings is a new fine jewelry site founded and operated by long time professionals in the diamond, jewelry and watch businesses. Our knowledgeable staff includes a GIA Diamonds Graduate, several Swiss watch experts along with precious metals and bullion coin experts. We source our quality merchandise at the best possible price. We hope to answer your questions with this FAQ, but if you have any immediate questions, please call us (ET 0900 – 1800) to speak with a live human being: 410-736-9222. Or, email our customer service team, and we will reply within 2 business days, usually faster.

VetRings is the brainchild of diamonds and precious metals expert, Mike Shields.  In the jewelry business for 20+ years, and a supporter of U.S. Military and LEO associations, Mike recognized an opportunity to help current military and retired veterans save significant money on jewelry items, while contributing to veterans causes. Our primary goal: help our clients save money on fine diamond and fine jewelry purchases.  The days of wasting money on credit card driven, mall jewelry stores is over.  Compare the prices of our merchandise with other mall and chain jewelry stores.  There is no comparison.
Our merchandise inventory consists of factory refurbished diamond rings, wedding bands and fine diamond jewelry pieces. When you purchase from VetRings, we guarantee every item we sell, no matter if is refurbished or a custom produced item. Your item will arrive in polished and factory set condition. Buy with confidence knowing that your dollar goes further with VetRings and that we stand behind every piece we sell to our members.

We want to keep it simple for our customers. If you are not happy, we are not happy!

Within 30 Days of Purchase

Refunds: You have the right to return your merchandise for a FULL refund up to 30 days from point of purchase. Please do not wear the item if you are considering a return within 30 days. On receipt and inspection for wear, we'll credit back your payment, less shipping costs.

After 30 Days of Purchase

Refund: You have the right to return your merchandise at any time if you are no longer satisfied with your purchase, or if things simply do not work out. On receipt, VetRings will inspect the ring for any conditioning and refurbishing costs, and will deduct any refinishing cost to make the item resalable again.

Need to start the return and refund process? Please contact customer service for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.


Active military, veterans and their families. We will be opening our online marketplace in Spring 2020.
Yes, we do buy certain fine quality diamonds, jewelry pieces and fine watches. If you are looking to sell jewelry items to upgrade an existing diamond ring (for example), our staff is happy to value your items. We value loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, vintage jewelry, coins and bullion, collectible jewelry and fine Swiss watches. If you simply are not sure if you have something of value, please give us a call at 410-736-9222, or email customer service, and we'll spend some time with to understand your items.
We help our valued military members by offering the finest quality diamond jewelry at the best possible market price. Forget about walking into mall and chain jewelry stores - you are paying entirely too much, and potentially incurring debt. Compare our prices and you will quickly see how VetRings saves our members money. We contribute a portion of every purchase you make directly to Veterans associations which have the highest dollar net contribution directly to helping our Veterans and their families. If you have a cause you would like us to consider, we are more than happy to listen. Please contact us.
Jewelry Appraisals Included with every purchase from VetRings is a jewelry appraisal. If you wish to insure your purchase, a jewelry appraisal is required. We provide an appraisal written by a GIA Diamond Graduate, and it is included when your item arrives. We DO NOT inflate the value of item, like so many mall and chain jewelry stores, as this is not representative of the actual retail replacement cost. Our appraisals typically include a 25% price cushion. You should have your jewelry appraised about every 3-5 years, dependent on precious metals and diamond market prices.

Jewelry Warranty Your item is warranted against defect when purchased and received to your shipping address.  If you feel your item is damaged in any way, or not to your satisfaction, please call us within 3 business days of receipt to arrange for return and refund to your payment account. After 30 days, we'll keep it simple.  If you run over the jewelry with a tank, take it on the PT Course, take it on your next mission, wear while performing KP, or anything else, we'll warrant the item, minus any reconditioning fee. Usually, reconditioning will cost about $150 - $200 (polishing, resetting stones, shank repair), but it does depend on the ring setting and diamonds.