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Buy Back Guarantee

VetRings offers the Buy Back Guarantee in the business!  

We realize the military life is a hard one, and sometimes, things just do not work out.  If so, we want to make your life easier if you need your funds back.

Our Buy Back Guarantee offer:
If for any reason, for up to 6 months after your purchase receipt date,  you decide you need your funds back, VetRing will buy your item back, minus any reconditioning fee, and shipment costs.

Reconditioning Fee:
When your ring is received back to VetRing’s offices, we will need to check the diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, ring shank and any prongs.  Our in-house jeweler will restore the ring back to brand new condition, so that we can add it back to our inventory.  We will contact you via email or phone to confirm your item is back in our offices, along with the reconditioning fee.

Typically, a reconditioning of your ring will cost anywhere from $20.00 (light polish) to $150.00 (full polish, prong repair, shank repair).

Please note: If there is any type of severe damage to your ring which can not be repaired, we will inform you.  We check for any cracks, chips or damage to the diamond or gemstones not present when the item was sold to you.  To honor our buy back guarantee, we can not accept items back which show severe damage, such as broken or chipped diamonds, cracked gemstones, and / or broken or missing parts of the ring shank.